"Caring is the basis for community, and the first job of the leader is to build community, a deep feeling of unity, a fellowship."
-- Richard Farson: Management of the Absurd: Paradoxes in Leadership

Photo of Craig Guisinger, founder and president of Competent Search

Craig Guisinger

Founder & President

Craig Guisinger is the founder and President of Competent Search. A 1985 graduate of Washington State University and a reserve military officer, Craig has a diverse sales career of over 18 years. His experience has encompassed all facets of sales with a strength in building relationships. He has experience within the the operations side of the mortgage industry, and has placed underwriters, processors, funders and closers.

Craig's top priority at Competent Search is ensuring client satisfaction through a core of skilled and knowledgeable recruiters.

Phone: (760) 230-6051
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Maddison Dierking

Executive Recruiter

Maddison is entering her first year recruiting after nine years working in customer service. Her constant drive has lead her to ever-changing opportunities.

Maddison grew up in sunny San Diego and moved coastal near the beach in 2011. She enjoys running, hiking and playing smashball on the sand. Maddison loves making a positive impact and believes that empowering others will change the world around us.

Interpersonal skills and communication are Maddison's strong suits and we are glad to have her on the Competent Search team.


Photo of Maddison Dierking, Executive Recruiter at Competent Search
Photo of Michele Guisinger, sister at large at Competent Search

Michele Guisinger

Corporate Recruiter

Michele Guisinger brings a variety of skillsets to Competent Search, most importantly, a passion for people and the ability to relate to the needs of others. Effective recruiting boils down to establishing business needs and selecting a client that aligns skillsets with cooperate strength. This effort takes a rare individual and Michele simply has the knack to get to know people quickly. Developing trust and positive communication helps our clients become much more open with candidates and prospective hires.

Michele has extensive management experience in customer service and in 2001 built a successful print brokering company, Fine Print. On her off time Michele is committed to paying it forward makes time for service work. We welcome the positive mental attitude Michele brings to Competent Search.

Phone: (772) 204-0767
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